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Bank Clerk Job Interview Questions

The demand for bank jobs has risen steadily over the years. Until attending an interview it is very important to pay attention to the position and responsibilities of a bank clerk. You will get a chance to work as a bank clerk in the bank’s Deposit and withdrawal counters. Other tasks such as keeping ledgers and counting the transactions will provide good experience.

You will get a chance to get incentives that are kept periodically in the bank based on your results. The collection of following questions will help to give you an extra edge and prepare you for the bank clerk job interview to be part of the fastest-growing financial industry.

32 Bank Clerk Job Interview Questions

  1. What Are Various Investments Under Section 80(c) Of Income Tax Act?
  2. What Is Monetary Policy?
  3. Why Are You Not Working Anywhere From Past 6 Months ?
  4. What Is Gdp?
  5. What Is Gnp?
  6. Why You Want To Enter In Banking Industry?
  7. What Is Swift?
  8. What Is A Demat Account?
  9. Are You A Reliable Person With Strong Work Ethics?
  10. What Is Fiscal Deficit?
  11. What Is Fiscal Policy?
  12. Are You Able To Work In A Computerized Environment And Spend Long Hours At The Computer?
  13. What Are Various Services Provided By A Commercial Bank?
  14. What Is A Put Option?
  15. List Some Features Of Pff?
  16. What Would You Consider Important For A Bank Clerk, Being The First Point Of Contact With Customers?
  17. What Is A Call Option?
  18. Give Examples Of Bank Clerking Duties?
  19. What Are Derivatives?
  20. What Is An Option In Derivative Market?
  21. Various Functions Of Rbi?
  22. What Is Irda And What Are It’s Functions?
  23. What Was The Purpose Of Setting Up Nabard?
  24. Do you know what Are Npas?
  25. What Is Ppf?
  26. What Personal Characteristics Should A Bank Clerk Possess?
  27. Tell me about Cp?
  28. What Is Sensex And How It Is Calculated?
  29. What Are Open Market Operations?
  30. Tell me what is Bank Rate?
  31. What Is Slr?
  32. What Is Crr?



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