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Java J2ee Architect Interview Questions

If you’re an authority on Java then this is for you. If you are looking for a career change let us know? Then don’t worry, we have the right answer for the planning for your work interview. If you’re preparing for a job interview with Java J2ee Architect and don’t know how to crack the interview and what degree of complexity to ask in work interviews then go through the interview questions page to crack your job interview. As an integrated framework, the architect has a responsibility to ensure continuity in all facets of the project. The architect is responsible for the overall technical efficiency, the maker of the decisions for the lower implementation. Below are Java J2ee Architect interview questions which makes you confident to face the interviews.

Java J2ee Architect Interview Questions

  1. Should We Create System Software ( E.g Operating System) In Java?
  2. What are the Types Of Memory Used By Jvm?
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Using Spring Framework?
  4. Also, What Various Types Of Class Loaders Used By Jvm?
  5. What Is Permgen Or Permanent Generation?
  6. What Is Metaspace?
  7. How Does Volatile Affect Code Optimization By Compiler?
  8. What do Things Keep In Mind While Creating Your Own Exceptions In Java?
  9. What Is The Best Practice Configuration Usage For Files- Pom.xml Or Settings.xml?
  10. Can You Provide Some Implementation Of A Dictionary Having a Large Number Of Words?
  11. What Is Database Deadlock? How Can We Avoid Them?
  12. Why Web Services Use Http As The Communication Protocol?
  13. Why Using Cookie To Store Session Info Is A Better Idea Than Just Using Session Info In The Request?
  14. So, what is the Difference Between First Level And Second Level Cache In Hibernate?
  15. Also, What Are The Ways To Avoid Lazyinitializationexception?



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