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Front Desk Interview Questions

Front Desk is where every office has a desk to welcome people or customers in front of the entrance. If prior appointment is set, they will help you explain any questions and who and when to meet. Working at the front desk involves knowing different languages and being humble and smiling to the people all the time. It requires a lot of patience, determination and ability. One should have previous experience in getting ready for interview. A good number of candidates ‘ positions are open. Here are a few front desk interview questions to get your job interview in the first attempt successfully.

18 Front Desk Interview Questions

  1. How Would You Coordinate Meetings?
  2. Have You Ever Come Across An Extremely Stressful Situation And Felt Burnt Out? What Do You Do?
  3. How Do You Keep Your Daily Schedule Organized?
  4. What Type Of Hardware And Software Have You Used In Your Previous Office?
  5. How Can You Handle Stressful Weekdays And Situations Or Customers That Caused You Stress?
  6. Do You Feel Comfortable In Working Alone Or In A Team Environment?
  7. What Do You Think Are The Basic Tasks Of An Office Officer?
  8. What Traits Should A Receptionist Possess And What Makes You Suitable For This Job?
  9. Do You Believe In Popular Belief That A Company Is Judged By The First Representative Who Portrays It?
  10. Which Skill Is The Most Important For A Receptionist’s Position? Why?
  11. Why Do You Think We Require Good Customer Service Ability From You?
  12. What Basic Office Equipment Can You Operate And Use?
  13. Have You Had Experience Of Maintaining Visitor Log?
  14. How Would Your Co-workers Describe You?
  15. What Makes A Receptionist’s Work Meaningful?
  16. List Some Interview Tips For Officer?
  17. What Are Typically Job Duties Of Officer?
  18. What Are Job Duties Of Officer?



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